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Team Leaders


Having been born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Michael moved to Carriacou to get away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Michael has become an avid adventurer and a SUPPING star on the beautiful island of Carriacou, Paddling around C'COU is just another day in paradise. He is a Rescue Diver Certified member of PADI through the Deefer Diving Dive Centre here on Carriacou,  Michael and his sidekick also do their fair share of volunteering and proud supporter of the Carriacou Animal Hospital.  Michael is excited to share his experiences with you where ever it may bring you.    


Biff is a "good boy", perhaps the best "good boy" on the entire island. Biff is excited to meet you and discuss the finer points of a good red wine, and the book he is currently reading. Having earned his Pedigree from UofT, Biff is excited to take you on adventures all around the island.......or just Lime with ya

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